Do you have an important interview coming up? For a new job perhaps, or a promotion?

There’s lots of competition for jobs at the moment, and it’s important to make the most of your interview opportunity. It can, though, be hard to perform well – and research shows that this is mainly due to nerves and lack of preparation.

But do you know that more and more people get coaching to prepare for important interviews? Coaching that can keep them ahead of the competition.

Don’t get left behind


I’m an interview coach who will work with you to develop your interview skills, confidence and content. I specialise in competency-based interviews and have a comprehensive understanding of how they work. I’ll be able to apply the competency framework of your organisation to your preparation.

Many people find it hard to identify their strengths and match it to the required competencies. My role is to help you do that – and demonstrate it very effectively during your interview. I provide a safe, non-judgemental environment to achieve this, and guarantee 100% confidentiality.

The coaching is driven by your needs and will typically include the following:

  • Discussing your issues and areas of concern around interviews
  • Outlining the principles of a strong interview and the expectations of an interviewer
  • Analysing the role specification
  • Translating the competency framework – and required evidence – into everyday language
  • Unravelling your experience and achievements – to draw out the competencies
  • Identifying the skills, knowledge and experience you bring to the role
  • Discussing a list of key interview questions and effective answers
  • Introducing a structure for you to confidently answer questions – and remember the answers you’ve prepared
  • Assessment and feedback on your replies to competency interview questions
  • Mock interview and feedback on interview skills
  • Action planning and monitoring of progress to ensure interview readiness

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