Claire Bain - Facilitator, Coach and Trainer

A key lesson we have learned in the last few years is the need to connect and engage with others. The benefit of building strong supportive teams and networks to increase resilience and improve performance.

I have helped businesses and individuals create supportive networks, build their capability and perform. I’m Claire Bain – the owner of Next Steps – the thread of my 30 year career has been working with businesses and individuals to improve performance and get results. I do this through coaching, facilitation and training with clients virtually and face to face in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Clients include large organisations (e.g. Northern Ireland Electricity, Farrans Construction , The Institute of Chartered Accountants, Newry Mourne & Down District Council), businesses (including the Horatio Group and Trackars Healthcare) and individuals from a range of backgrounds (council staff, university lecturers, solicitors, nurses, doctors, civil servants, bank staff, engineers, contractors and students).

My expertise is to enable professional growth and development for clients, creating support networks in organisations and communities and deliver career and interview coaching for individuals.

Staff engagement and development

Leadership coaching

Services for organisations include:

Career and interview coaching

career and interview coaching

Services for individuals include:

Why choose me?

Here are six key reasons to use me:

  1. I’ve extensive practical experience gained in large companies (including 15 years’ operational management in GlaxoSmithKline) and SMEs
  2. I’m a fully qualified and accredited coach, my coaching, facilitation and training is backed up with 20 years’ experience
  3. I challenge in a supportive way – underpinned by a focus on outcomes and business results
  4. I’ve high levels of perception and will quickly gain an understanding of your situation
  5. I provide practical tools and techniques that have proven to work and deliver sustainable change
  6. I have a high degree of empathy and can establish rapport quickly to provide a supportive space for clients.

Find out how I can build capability in your teams