Key role of a leader is to unlock the potential of their staff – to enable them to develop and improve their contribution to the business.

World-class organisations recognise developing and empowering their leaders is good for business.

I work with clients to identify how staff can be developed and enabled to face the challenges of today’s working environment. Every client is unique and once the staff development needs have been agreed, I can then address them in the following ways: training, coaching or mentoring.

Leadership coaching
  • Training
    I’m a qualified trainer (Certificate in Training Practice from CIPD) with years of experience in developing and delivering leadership development programmes. Typical topics include leading through change, managing staff, managing time, building resilience and dealing with conflict.
  • Coaching
    As an experienced and fully qualified/accredited coach (through the Association for Coaching), I provide a safe and confidential coaching environment for current and potential leaders. I help them to articulate their thoughts, identify challenges and issues, and work out how to overcome them.

    During our sessions I hold people accountable, identify progress and – where progress isn’t being made – help them find solutions to move forward. It involves facilitating their thinking in a supportive, non-judgemental way.

  • Mentoring
    In this service I provide practical support potential and current leaders, and introduce them to tools and techniques to help them progress and develop. This draws on 25 years’ business experience that ranges from a corporate environment to working with small businesses.

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