Are you facing potential changes at work? Revisiting what direction you want to go in your career?  You’re not alone.

A recent survey found that 57% of employees felt unable to realise their potential in their current role, leading to disengagement.

People now recognise the need to take personal control of their careers.  As a career coach I can help you do that.

I work with clients over a period of time to get clarity on what they want to achieve in their careers. We get clarity on strengths and career direction to create plans to build confidence and achieve results.


Typical scenarios are:

career and interview coaching

You want to move to a new role

  • We’ll work to identify the most appropriate direction for you
  • We’ll develop a personal development plan for your career progression
  • You’ll get interview training and support with competency-based interview preparation

You have recently been promoted or gone through organisational change

  • We’ll work to clarify expectations and an understanding of your role
  • We’ll develop your personal brand to raise your profile and increase confidence
  • We’ll create a personal development plan for your role

You want more support in your current role

  • We’ll identify the challenges, barriers and enablers to increase your performance
  • We’ll create a personal development plan to build your confidence
  • I’ll monitor and support your personal development progress in the role

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