Career Coaching

Are you frustrated at work? You are not alone. A recent survey found that 57% of employees feel unable to realise their potential in their current role, with 48% reporting barriers to their progress and development. Only 64% of employees feel engaged in their current role. (Source: Hay Group UK, 2012)

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” – Viktor Frankl.

These days, more and more people are realising the need to take personal control of their careers. Are you one of them?

I work with proactive clients like you. Typically we’ll work together over a period of time to get clarity on what you want to achieve in your career. We’ll develop and implement a personal career development plan, to enable you to feel empowered and achieve your goals. Typical examples are:

You want to move to a new role

  • We’ll work to identify the most appropriate direction for you
  • We’ll develop a personal development plan for your career progression
  • You’ll get interview training and support with competency-based interview preparation

You have recently been promoted or gone through organisational change

  • We’ll work to clarify expectations and an understanding of your role
  • We’ll develop your personal brand to raise your profile and increase confidence
  • We’ll create a personal development plan for your role

You want more support in your current role

  • We’ll identify the challenges, barriers and enablers to increase your performance
  • We’ll create a personal development plan to build your confidence
  • I’ll monitor and support your personal development progress in the role