I am totally shocked that I have been successful in my interview. I really felt I hadn’t answered what they were asking but the feedback from both the HR officer and head of service on the panel has been really positive and complimentary. They said it was really apparent I had done my preparation.
Thank you for all the help you gave me, it is really appreciate it as I certainly would never have done it without your assistance.
Client who hadn’t been interviewed for 15 years

The coaching sessions with Claire really gave me a sense of direction for personal and professional growth after I relocated to Northern Ireland. I was able to dissect and explore my core skills, values and strengths giving me the confidence to market myself to companies that aligned with these principles. The practices and methodologies greatly aided me in recent interviews which resulted in me gaining a role with a company that I’m excited to join. The coaching has left me with tangible knowledge, skills and practices that will not only aid me in the here and now but that I’ll be able to carry with me into the future.

Career coaching
Thank you once again Claire you transformed a not so confident applicant full of uncertainty and self-doubt to someone filled with courage and belief that I could do it and all in a matter of weeks!
All the tools you gave me worked a treat to help me with the the dreaded competency based interview.
Thank you – Civil service manager
“During our sessions Claire was very supportive in helping me prepare for the specific type of interview I was facing.
As well as valuable advice she was able to refer me to many other sources which proved very helpful in my preparation.
Claire was very flexible and accommodating around my work schedule.
I really feel she helped me show myself in the best light and give the best interview I could. I recommend her without hesitation.”
Building interview confidence

Claire is a pleasure to work with and has a great way with her by using everyday language and simple terms to ensure you understand the competencies. Claire shows you how to identify your strengths and how to demonstrate your skills effectively during the interview.

Claire offers an extra service by providing feedback with preparing your answers, this is a valuable add on service which helps you to understand if your answers are complete and that you are answering the question in the correct way.

As a result, I secured my permanent role, if you have an upcoming interview I highly recommend using Claire, you will have no regrets.  

Thank you once again for everything and…..


Competency based interview coaching

I got word that I was going to be interviewed over Zoom! Added to that pressure I had not had an interview for many years. I knew I needed help. I found Claire through google search and so glad I got in touch with her and got interview coaching.

With Claire’s assistance, I felt better prepared and more focused to answer the questions. Working with Claire over Zoom helped me get over my Zoom phobia and I felt more comfortable and relaxed.

Claire showed me how to prepare which saved me lots of wasted preparation time. Thank you.

Much appreciated.

Senior manager, Civil service.

Virtual interview coaching

Claire is definitely the person to go to for career coaching.


She is genuine, honest and most importantly, interested in really listening to help the mentee connect with their own thought/action process.

I found the sessions challenging, both mentally and emotionally and Claire was caring and kind. I have worked with others previously who have not had the same level of comprehension as Claire regarding just how much impact the emotional side has. Thank you for your time Claire, for great listening and thought provoking questions. For challenging and for supporting with ideas for me to further explore where and what I want to do.

Career coaching testimonal

Claire Bain’s educated and considered approach to keeping Trackars’ management and its people on track to meet the businesses time-based objectives, has been /is a key component to our strategy and success. P.Casement, MD, Trackars Healthcare.

Business owner coaching

I went to Claire in order to develop my interview skills and whilst working through various elements, I realised that I needed to focus on personal development prior to making any major career based decisions.


By completing different exercises Claire has helped me rediscover my strengths, reveal new ones and also identify what is important to me.


The result has been to instil a new found confidence which will allow me to progress to the next stage of my life.  This was all achieved through Claire’s ability to put me at ease, help me see things from a different perspective and her positive attitude.”. Wendy F, H.R. Co-ordinator

Building interview coaching

“Claire has a forensic ability to cut through your self doubts and mental inertia in order to make you identify and analyse your strengths and abilities. Through the process you gain confidence to formulate your own strategy for getting that promotion!

I’m so glad I enlisted Claire’s help.” B.Mason, Educational National Manager

Executive coaching