Claire was brilliant, very relatable, very knowledgeable, very good at bringing in practical examples to highlight her points. She facilitated the discussions well and ensured everybody was able to make a contribution. Super teambuilding sessions.

Manager, Public Sector

Supporting a large group of people through a period of restructuring isn’t an easy task. Using the Whole Brain Thinking model Claire provided us with an insight into how we communicate with each other and how to appreciate the differences in our personal preferences. This appreciation of other styles will improve our internal relationships and help pave the way to a smooth transition.

Claire’s professionalism and insight greatly enhanced this learning experience for us all.

Manager, Public Sector

Claire’s workshop on ‘whole brain’ thinking was interesting, thought provoking and generated good open discussion within the executive team. Raising the awareness of your own and others thinking and communication styles has enabled the team to work more effectively through being more adaptive and understanding in both verbal and written communications.

The workshop was fun and brought out a lot of learning in an informal and non-judgemental environment.

CEO, Charity Organisation