With the challenging times we face, it’s important that all members of staff are contributing to the performance of the organisation.

That involves not only developing their skills and knowledge but – very importantly – managing their performance.

I’ve over 15 years’ experience of managing large operational teams and can help you introduce best-practice performance management processes, tools and techniques. This will help you optimise the performance of all your staff and the overall business.

Executive coach

Coaching to maximise staff performance

The support I provide to coaching and training managers is very practical and outcome focused. It’s also underpinned with clear communication to ensure that staff are fully engaged in the process.

Areas typically covered include:

  • Managing staff performance – the fundamentals of managing others
  • Introducing a performance management cycle
  • Setting and monitoring objectives and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Managing underperformance – how to have difficult conversations
  • Developing management and leadership capabilities

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