The coaching sessions with Claire really gave me a sense of direction for personal and professional growth after I relocated to Northern Ireland. I was able to dissect and explore my core skills, values and strengths giving me the confidence to market myself to companies that aligned with these principles. The practices and methodologies greatly aided me in recent interviews which resulted in me gaining a role with a company that I’m excited to join. The coaching has left me with tangible knowledge, skills and practices that will not only aid me in the here and now but that I’ll be able to carry with me into the future.

Career coaching

“Claire is one of those people who can put you at ease. Someone that you can open up to and explain your concerns. By spending time listening to my experience at previous interviews she identified where I was going wrong and guided me through approaching the process in a logical manner, so that, I could deliver to any interview panel, a response which clearly demonstrated how I met their requirements”. – Jim B. Senior Manager, Civil Service

Career coaching

I wanted someone to guide me how I could perform better and develop my career. We had a telephone discussion before when met up Claire was very well prepared for our session. After our meetings my confidence level grew and I was ready to make some changes. I understood what I had to improve on and identify my next career step. She really helped me to prepare for my interviews.

I am so glad to say that I was successful in my next interview and I am expecting a job as the assistant Manager Operations at NHS. Thank you so much Claire and I would recommend to anyone that, Claire is the right person when it comes to interview coaching and personal development.

Manager, NHS

Thank you for providing me with coaching and for your tolerance towards some of the wider issues and questions I added in to our meetings. I found that your friendly professional approach to coaching maintained the right balance for me in terms of structured learning, sensitive listening and asking challenging questions. Thank you – what you provided was very helpful.

Manager, Education Sector