Interview Training

Do you have an important interview coming up? Maybe for a new job, promotion or to secure a grade rise?

As you know, we live in competitive times and it’s becoming very important to make the most of your interview opportunity. Research shows that the main reason people don’t perform well in interviews is down to nerves and lack of preparation.

Do you know that smart people get training and support to prepare them for important interviews? Smart people who might be going for the same job, promotion or grade rise as you.

Don’t get left behind.

Let me work with you to develop your interview skills, confidence and content. I specialise in competency-based interviews and will be able to apply the competency framework of your organisation to your preparation.

My role is support you so that you can articulate and demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience most effectively during your interview. To ensure that you shine in the interview.

The training agenda is driven by your needs and will typically include the following:

  • Discussion on your issues and areas of concern around interview skills
  • Exploring the principles of a strong interview and the expectations of an interviewer
  • Exploring the competency framework and evidence required
  • Analysis of the role specification
  • Personal SWOT analysis in relation to the role
  • List of key interview questions and effective answers
  • Personal audit in relation to the competencies
  • Assessment and feedback on replies to competency interview questions
  • Mock interview and feedback on interview skills
  • Recording of mock interview and feedback
  • Personal development plan
  • Action planning and monitoring of progress to ensure interview readiness